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Kern Day of Dance, Durham

Last year Kern's Day of Dance was effectively rained off as the rain got steadily heavier throughout the morning and continued well into the afternoon - the lunchtime session at the John Duck became a fantastic afternoon indoor dance and music session.  This year the weather was much better and we were able to dance at all of the planned dance spots before the rain came at the end of the afternoon after dancing had finished.  The first couple of spots were quiet with people passing by but this gave us a chance to sort out a few gremlins before moving on to the Market Place spot.  Here the dance area was surrounded by an appreciative crowd and the impressive buildings.  It really helped us to lift our performance as well as giving chance for a bit of repartee.  The Palace Green spot in the afternoon was impressive with the cathedral and the college buildings for backdrop.  With the much bigger and more open space the audience seemed thinner but there were plenty of people about who stopped to watch.  The massed dance displays were also at the Palace Green (with some cracking performances to watch) and the day ended with a massed Greenham.  Many thanks to Kern for a great day.