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St. George's day celebration,Kirkley Lodge Care Home, Coulby Newham

After we left the Evergreen Scholl we moved on to the Kirkley Lodge Carehome where we had been asked to do some demonstration dances for the residents as part of their St. George's Day celebrations.  Although the weather was warm and sunny, there was no where to dance outside so we joined the residents in their large social room.  After they had all settled into their chairs with their choice of drink, we did a selection of dances ending with participation Greenham - only none of the residents could get up and dance so we gave them brightly coloured hankies to wave and twirl as we did the dance.  It was quite clear that if some had been a few years younger they would have been up with us!  Tea and cream scones followed and a chance for a bit of chat.  Another rewarding session particularly as one deaf blind lady said it was one of the very few social events she could enjoy because she felt the dances.